Young Presidents’ Organization’s Global Edge Initiative

Harvey Goldstein is an established businessman and entrepreneur operating both in the United States and Southeast Asia. Over the years, Harvey Goldstein has served as a prominent spokesman for foreign and domestic business, primarily in Indonesia and has also served as the chairman of the Young Presidents’ Organization of Indonesia.

Founded in 1950 in New York City, the Young Presidents’ Organization consists of more than 20,000 business leaders in 120 countries, bound by a common goal of creating better leaders through networking, education, and the exchange of ideas. Launched in 2014, Global Edge is the organization’s latest evolution in leadership.

The event attracts business leaders from all around the world to share new ideas and perspectives. Commonly connecting the importance of business and spirituality, Global Edge investigates cultural values and their impact on today’s business landscape. In 2015, Global Edge will attract more than 3,000 chief executives and young leaders to a conclave in Melbourne, Australia, and examine the ancient aboriginal idea of “Dreamtime.”

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