The New Ford Bronco

Leading PT Harvest International Indonesia, Harvey Goldstein brings a wealth of experience gained from more than 40 years of business dealings in the Southeast Asian region. He has expedited direct foreign investments valued at billions of dollars in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. Harvey Goldstein’s globally recognized clients include Procter & Gamble, General Electric, General Motors, and Ford Motors.

In July 2020, Ford Motors officially revealed the new Bronco SUV. First introduced in 1966, the model was discontinued in 1996. Nearly 25 years later, the new vehicle’s design is reminiscent of the original model. Ford describes the SUV as F-Series tough with the spirit of the Mustang line. It’s loaded with the latest technology, and can come with a 12-inch touchscreen featuring Android Auto, Apply CarPlay, and Ford’s latest infotainment system.

The Bronco boasts an off-road driving mode called GOAT mode, which stands for Goes Over Any Type of Terrain. Designed to be customizable, the rooftop, seats, doors, and other items can be removed and changed to the owner’s specifications. The vehicle comes in two-door and four-door versions. The Bronco is planned for release in June 2021, and the base price is $28,500 for the two-door model. Ford states that, due to the high demand, reservation holders may not get their vehicles until 2022.

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