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National Highway Research Board Promotes Research and Diversity

Harvey Goldstein IndonesiaAn American businessman based in Southeast Asia, Harvey Goldstein is the chairman of PT Harvest International Indonesia, an international consulting firm. In this capacity, he works with entrepreneurs in countries such as Indonesia and Singapore. Previously, Harvey Goldstein participated in a number of important research endeavors. During the 1960s, he participated in a project with the Cornell University Aeronautical Laboratory that involved research on controlling traffic through the use of a general purpose digital computer that could coordinate the operation of traffic signals. Due to Harvey Goldstein’s significant contributions to the project, which was implemented by the Highway Research Board, he played a major role in the development of computer-assisted traffic control networks.

Now known as the Transportation Research Board (TRB), the organization was established in 1920 as the National Advisory Board on Highway Research and renamed the Highway Research Board in 1925. The TRB strives to promote innovation and progress in all the different forms of transportation by promoting research and facilitating the exchange of information among industry professionals and researchers. Moreover, the TRB offers expert advice about transportation programs and policies.

The TRB is also involved in various initiatives. For instance, it co-sponsors the Minority Student Fellows Program with the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. Established in 2010, this program seeks to find solutions to national transportation issues by consulting with people from diverse backgrounds. In addition, it aims to increase the number of minorities in the organization and in the transportation field in general. Over the course of nearly a decade, 130 fellows have completed the program. Many of them now work in local, metropolitan, and state departments of transportation.