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Ford Motor’s Plastic Recycling Efforts

The president of PT Harvest International Indonesia, Harvey Goldstein has resided for over 50 years in the Southeast Asian region. Harvey Goldstein has served multiple terms as president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, and has facilitated foreign investments in countries including Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. He has assisted firms such as Ford Motor to invest in the region.

Global automotive company Ford Motor is using environmentally friendly auto parts by utilizing recycled plastic bottles. It uses around 1.2 billion recycled bottles annually, which works out to 250 bottles per vehicle on average. The process involves used plastic bottles being shredded and sold to suppliers who melt the bottles and extrude the material, producing plastic fibers.

The fibers are mixed with other materials to produce material sheets, which are made into automotive parts. Light in weight, Ford uses them for underbody shields, wheel arch liners, and engine under-shields. Recycling plastic bottles helps reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in places such as the giant garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean, which is said to be larger in area than Mexico.

Procter & Gamble Continues Impressive Growth In 2019

American businessman Harvey Goldstein has more than 40 years of experience as a business executive at companies based in Indonesia, Singapore, and other locations in Southeast Asia. Harvey Goldstein leads Harvest International, a company that provides consulting assistance and venture capital to entrepreneurs, both in the US and internationally. Harvest International has numerous high-profile clients, including Ford Motors, Chiquita Brands, and Procter & Gamble.

Consumer products company Procter & Gamble recently closed out a highly successful fiscal year, showing progress in nearly all divisions. Fourth quarter profits and revenues were higher than anticipated, guidance has been raised for the upcoming fiscal year, and its stock is up over 40 percent over last year. The company began restructuring a few years ago in response to competition from smaller companies challenging it in a number of key areas. Focusing on doing less seems to have done the trick for the company. By pulling back and centering efforts on strong products, brands, and categories that have performed well for it, the company has been able to recover and show significant growth.

Procter & Gamble is also using its massive influence to become a force for social and environmental change, sponsoring such initiatives as using recycled beach plastic to create bottles for Head & Shoulders shampoo, continued company sponsorship of United Way, and its focus on the Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) initiative, which provides P&G water purifier packets.

The Johns Hopkins Certificate of International Leadership and Service


Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth pic
Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
Image: cty.jhu.edu

Harvey Goldstein is a seasoned business executive who chairs PT Harvest International, which is headquartered in Indonesia. During his career, Harvey Goldstein has spent time working throughout Southeast Asia, placing particular focus on Indonesia and Singapore. Beyond his work, he has a passion for education and serves as the chairman of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Southeast Asia Advisory Group.

Since its formation in 1876, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has maintained a reputation as one of the United States’ leading research universities. With a student body that spans over 150 countries, JHU has educated 36 Nobel laureates. Under the guidance of Ronald J. Daniels, its current president, JHU has focused on enhancing student access and facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.

In recognition of his efforts to help the university achieve these aims, Mr. Goldstein received the Certificate of International Leadership and Service in January 2017. The award, which was presented to him by Mr. Daniels, highlighted Mr. Goldstein’s work in sending over 40 advanced students from Singapore to the university’s CTY.

Facts about Singapore

Harvey Goldstein serves as the chairman of Harvest International, Inc., and managing director of Business-Link Consultancy PTE LTD. Harvey Goldstein also worked in Indonesia for Resources Management International, Inc., which serves Southeast Asia by providing training in technology and management to its developing countries. Harvey Goldstein’s current home base, Singapore, has developed a reputation as a major business hub, having evolved throughout the years into its current thriving state.

Singapore is a republic based on the Westminster system of parliamentary government. With a population of over 5 million, the island embraces approximately 3,000 businesses near the mouth of the Strait of Malacca, since it’s the shortest commute between the South China Sea and Indian Ocean. Singapore’s primary languages are English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Trade from the British Empire played a major role in the development of the economy that brought thousands of Chinese, who now make up 77 percent of the population, to the sovereign city-state. Furthermore, Singapore’s gross domestic product index of 370,064.5 stands as a testament to the country’s economic stability.

Singapore is the most used container port in the world with numerous healthy business sectors. The country produces large amounts of electronics, oil drilling tools, and petroleum refining equipment. The main agricultural products include rubber, fruit, poultry, and orchids. Furthermore, it regularly exports machinery and equipment, in addition to mineral fuels, consumer goods, and chemicals.

Family Academic Programs Offered Through John Hopkins CTY

Harvey Goldstein, the president and managing director of Business-Link Consultancy PTE LTD, has served in Indonesia, Singapore and other ASEAN countries for more than 46 years. Some of his contributions include serving as director and executive vice president of Resource Management International, Inc., an American company focused on high-level technology and management training in Asian countries, and co-founding Manchester Group, Ltd., a company that helps businesses grow in Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia. A philanthropist, Harvey Goldstein supports Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

Aimed at youth in grades K-12, the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) nurtures the minds and talents of advanced students. CTY functions as a component of John Hopkins University and aims to help realize the institution’s ultimate goal of grooming students to contribute in their chosen fields. One of the most successful initiatives offered through CTY is the block of Family Academic Programs. Program coordinators offer a range of programs to appeal to children of various ages, and all programs introduce children to subjects they might want to pursue when they enroll in higher education. The Creative Connection Series, for example, targets grades 2-4 and offers hands-on activities with visits to farms and forests. For grades 7-12, CTY provides the Science and Technology Series. Participants sit in on lectures by scientists, engage in hands-on workshops, and visit sites like the Institute for Genome Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Futures Trading with PT Harvest International

Harvey Goldstein, a business leader in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, serves as the managing director for Business-Link Consultancy PTE LTD in Singapore. He offers 46 years of experience in Southeast Asia, including time with PT Resources Management Indonesia, PT Harvest International Indonesia, and Resources Management International, Inc. As an Indonesian business expert, Harvey Goldstein has also served in a number of educational positi

Harvest International – Diverse Southeast Asian Consulting Endeavors

As head of Harvest International Inc. since 1987, Harvey Goldstein leads a consultancy committed to ensuring the success of multinationals with investment interests throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Harvey Goldstein and his team’s range of services span a diversity of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, mining, telecommunications, and agribusiness.

In the oil and gas sphere, Harvest International has played an integral role in acquiring government approvals for permits and licenses that enable companies such as EXXON Corporation to operate in Indonesia. The firm has also worked with a number of firms in the high technology sector, including Raytheon Company and AlliedSignal. Harvest International has successfully completed complex projects that include strategic marketing and implementation consulting on advanced satellite communications systems. The company additionally enabled a client to achieve a significant contract for its remote-sensing satellite ground system. Harvest International has engaged with a number of major consumer products corporations, including Pepsi-Cola International Limited, Borden, and Mars South Asia. The firm has undertaken in-depth market feasibility studies and secured necessary new-product importation approvals to enable retailers to enter diverse markets within the ASEAN region.

Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce

Harvey Goldstein, Indonesia business executive, was a PhD Candidate of the State University of New York in Operations Research completing all requirements except thesis in 1967. An expert on business relations in Southeast Asia, Harvey Goldstein maintains membership in several notable organizations in Indonesia and other areas. He served as chairman for the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC).

APCAC, a longtime proponent of international free trading that formed in 1968, is a group that addresses the needs of more than 22,000 business professionals and 6,000 organizations. Every year the members of APCAC, hailing from 19 distinct American Chambers of Commerce regions, account for $160 billion worth of trade and $30 billion in investments. Under the leadership of the council’s chairman, APCAC meets twice a year to address issues of major concern to the countries’ business communities. It officiates an APCAC stance on those issues and develops and executes successful strategies for dealing with them.