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APCAC’s Spring Business Summit

Harvey Goldstein Indonesia
Harvey Goldstein

An accomplished business figure in the Southeast Asian region, Harvey Goldstein has been involved in numerous business and philanthropic activities in countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. Harvey Goldstein has served multiple terms as president and governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia and as chairman of the Asia Pacific Council of American Chamber of Commerce (APCAC).

Established in 1968, APCAC is an organization of 28 American Chambers of Commerce from 22 Asia-Pacific economies. It is made up of 50,000 American executives, approximately 15,000 member companies, and 10 million employees. One of its events is the annual Spring Business Summit, a two-day gathering of prominent American business leaders, diplomats, and American Chamber representatives from the Asia-Pacific region.

The event features guest speakers, breakout sessions, and opportunities to network. The APAC Business Summit 2019 was held in Hong Kong on March 4-5, 2019 and hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong. Crucial pronouncements arrived in this year’s summit which included the pressing need for heightened collaborations by American Chambers and companies in the face of the current uncertain global trading environment.