Harvey Goldstein, Managing Director

A long-time proponent of development in the Asia-Pacific region, Harvey Goldstein is the founder and chairman of Harvest International Inc. As the principal of a significant foreign investment consultancy firm, Mr. Goldstein has maintained a consistent focus on facilitating private business development that provides sound economic growth and employment opportunities throughout the region. Active in the Asian business community for over four decades, Harvey Goldstein also serves in the capacity of managing director of Business-Link Consultancy PTE, LTD, in Singapore.

A respected executive, Harvey Goldstein holds numerous board memberships. These include serving as an executive member of the Board of the Indonesian Executive Circle, member of the Nomination Committee of the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship, and director of the Friends of Jakarta International School Foundation, Inc. Additionally, he is the vice chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-U.S. Pacific Basin Economic Council Committee and a Country Adviser with the ASEAN Center for Technology Exchange.

Managing Director at Business-Link Consultancy PTE LTD