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Setting the Gold Standard for Charitable Giving in Singapore

An American business executive with over 40 years of experience at the helm of major projects in the region, Harvey Goldstein leads PT Harvest International Indonesia as its chairman. Additionally, Harvey Goldstein remains dedicated to helping deserving gifted students in pursuing their education goals by funding full scholarships in Singapore to attend John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth.

Recently, Harvey and Rosita Goldstein were honored by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for their philanthropic work. Thus far, more than 36 deserving gifted students received a full scholarship to attend John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY), Summer Program, on Princeton University’s campus.

The Goldstein scholarship includes air fare, tuition, and full room and board along with incidental expenses.

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Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards Chart New Interdisciplinary Territory

Discovery Awards pic
Discovery Awards

American business executive Harvey Goldstein leads PT Harvest International Indonesia as its chairman. He has built up more than 40 years of experience at the helm of major projects dealing with technology, natural resources development, consulting, and investment in Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region. In addition, Harvey Goldstein remains dedicated to assisting promising but under-resourced students in their educations, and has funded full scholarships for some of Singapore’s brightest young men and women to attend Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth.

His commitment to Johns Hopkins University (JHU), and its current president, Ronald J. Daniels, is noteworthy. Daniels has developed the 141-year-old research university’s considerable capabilities even further, with an extensive focus on collaboration across disciplines.

In 2017, JHU presented its latest round of Discovery Awards to 26 interdisciplinary faculty research teams. The awards, comprising 23 Category 1 and three Category 2 prizes, span nine of the school’s academic divisions. JHU’s Category 1 awards offer $100,000 to each recipient team for collaborative efforts that cross divisional boundaries. The quarter-million-dollar Category 2 awards are designated as project planning monies, to be used in support of applications for large-scale external grants.

The 2017 roster of Discovery Award recipients includes teams working on projects that include the use of innovations in DNA sequencing to diagnose infections, the investigation of the role of hydrogels in assisting post-stroke recovery, and an inquiry into whether metadata gathered from mobile communications devices can help trace demographic shifts in the developing world.

The Johns Hopkins Certificate of International Leadership and Service


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Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

Harvey Goldstein is a seasoned business executive who chairs PT Harvest International, which is headquartered in Indonesia. During his career, Harvey Goldstein has spent time working throughout Southeast Asia, placing particular focus on Indonesia and Singapore. Beyond his work, he has a passion for education and serves as the chairman of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Southeast Asia Advisory Group.

Since its formation in 1876, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has maintained a reputation as one of the United States’ leading research universities. With a student body that spans over 150 countries, JHU has educated 36 Nobel laureates. Under the guidance of Ronald J. Daniels, its current president, JHU has focused on enhancing student access and facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.

In recognition of his efforts to help the university achieve these aims, Mr. Goldstein received the Certificate of International Leadership and Service in January 2017. The award, which was presented to him by Mr. Daniels, highlighted Mr. Goldstein’s work in sending over 40 advanced students from Singapore to the university’s CTY.

Batik – Traditional Indonesian Textile

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An American businessman who for decades has been involved with significant direct foreign investment projects in Southeast Asia, Harvey Goldstein currently resides in Singapore. For over 30 years, Harvey Goldstein lived in Indonesia and served as president and governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia on multiple occasions. He has extensive understanding of Indonesian culture and traditions.

A person traveling to Indonesia will quickly become aware of the popularly worn batik fabric. Part of an ancient tradition in Java, Indonesia, batik comes from the Javanese word tik which means to dot.

In making batik, hot wax is painted or stamped on the fabric. When the fabric is then dyed, the waxed portions resist the dye and retain their natural color. After repeated dying, the wax is removed, revealing various colored designs and patterns.

A versatile fabric, batik is worn in business and on everyday occasions, used in weddings, made into slings to carry babies, and also used to cover the body in funerals. Integral to Indonesian culture and tradition, batik has been placed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and APCAC Support

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Trans-Pacific Partnership

Harvey Goldstein is a philanthropist, a strategic international business consultant, the founder and chairman of Indonesian-based Harvest International, and a member and leader of several global organizations. With decades of business experience in Indonesia and throughout the rest of Southeast Asia, Harvey Goldstein is well versed in the needs and issues of the region and works to improve economic development. The recent Trans-Pacific Partnership will have a major impact on the region, and the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) is one of the organizations to which Mr. Goldstein belongs that supports this effort.

An association of nearly 30 American chambers of commerce in the Asia-Pacific region, APCAC represents over 15,000 companies with over $600 billion in investment in the area.

APCAC recently voiced its support for the TPP, a free trade agreement (FTA) between the United States, Canada, and several other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Pending approval in the U.S., the FTA stands to eliminate tariffs and reduce barriers to trade.

The goal of the agreement is to harmonize numerous regulations among the countries involved for the purpose of streamlining and improving international trade to the benefit of all countries. For additional information on APCAC’s support, see the press release at

The Role of Parents in the Online Education of Gifted Students

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth pic
Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

A graduate of NYU, Polytechnic, Syracuse University, & SUNY at Buffalo, Harvey Goldstein has been the president and director of PT Harvest International Indonesia since 1987. While maintaining his Indonesian Office, Mr. Goldstein moved to Singapore to become a director at Business-Link Consultancy Pte Ltd, and has been based there since 2006. Apart from his professional pursuits, Harvey Goldstein is an active supporter of Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth.

Founded in 1979, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth is on a mission to educate some of the brightest and most advanced K-12 learners from all over the globe. The organization conducts an annual search for students who meet the criteria for enrollment. These students are then given further training through its summer and online programs.

The center’s online programs cater to thousands of students from over 60 countries every year. This unique, individualized, distance-learning program provides challenging yet academically appropriate courses to participants through email and virtual classrooms. The success of this program does not only rely on the students’ natural abilities, but is also dictated by the participation of their parents and guardians.

Parents and guardians, by providing appropriate moral support and guidance, are an important component within the program. By ensuring that the students promptly turn in their homework and exams, and that they are in constant communication with their instructors, parents and guardians contribute to their student’s success.

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