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Setting the Gold Standard for Charitable Giving in Singapore

An American business executive with over 40 years of experience at the helm of major projects in the region, Harvey Goldstein leads PT Harvest International Indonesia as its chairman. Additionally, Harvey Goldstein remains dedicated to helping deserving gifted students in pursuing their education goals by funding full scholarships in Singapore to attend John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth.

Recently, Harvey and Rosita Goldstein were honored by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for their philanthropic work. Thus far, more than 36 deserving gifted students received a full scholarship to attend John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY), Summer Program, on Princeton University’s campus.

The Goldstein scholarship includes air fare, tuition, and full room and board along with incidental expenses.

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Facts about Singapore

Harvey Goldstein serves as the chairman of Harvest International, Inc., and managing director of Business-Link Consultancy PTE LTD. Harvey Goldstein also worked in Indonesia for Resources Management International, Inc., which serves Southeast Asia by providing training in technology and management to its developing countries. Harvey Goldstein’s current home base, Singapore, has developed a reputation as a major business hub, having evolved throughout the years into its current thriving state.

Singapore is a republic based on the Westminster system of parliamentary government. With a population of over 5 million, the island embraces approximately 3,000 businesses near the mouth of the Strait of Malacca, since it’s the shortest commute between the South China Sea and Indian Ocean. Singapore’s primary languages are English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Trade from the British Empire played a major role in the development of the economy that brought thousands of Chinese, who now make up 77 percent of the population, to the sovereign city-state. Furthermore, Singapore’s gross domestic product index of 370,064.5 stands as a testament to the country’s economic stability.

Singapore is the most used container port in the world with numerous healthy business sectors. The country produces large amounts of electronics, oil drilling tools, and petroleum refining equipment. The main agricultural products include rubber, fruit, poultry, and orchids. Furthermore, it regularly exports machinery and equipment, in addition to mineral fuels, consumer goods, and chemicals.

The Goldstein Scholarship at the Centre for Talented Youth

Harvey Goldstein has extensive experience working in Southeast Asian business development, with a particular emphasis on Indonesia. Now based in Indonesia’s neighboring country, Singapore, Harvey Goldstein serves as Southeast Asia advisory board chair for the Centre for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University, where he and his wife have established the Goldstein Scholarship.

The Johns Hopkins University Centre for Talented Youth offers three-week programs of study in areas such as programming, mathematical modeling, and philosophy, and it emphasizes the need for the internationalization of young professionals. Each year, approximately 10,000 students enroll in summer programs at campuses spread throughout the United States and Hong Kong.

The Goldstein Scholarship grants recipients all funds necessary to participate in Centre for Talented Youth programs, including money for tuition, books, housing, and international travel expenses. The scholarship is designed for students who demonstrate both financial need and exceptional academic potential. Last year, six students from Singapore were granted the scholarship to attend the summer program at Pennsylvania’s Haverford College. Mr. & Mrs Goldstein plans to fund the scholarship for a total of five years and hope that it will continue after that initial term.

Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce

Harvey Goldstein, Indonesia business executive, was a PhD Candidate of the State University of New York in Operations Research completing all requirements except thesis in 1967. An expert on business relations in Southeast Asia, Harvey Goldstein maintains membership in several notable organizations in Indonesia and other areas. He served as chairman for the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC).

APCAC, a longtime proponent of international free trading that formed in 1968, is a group that addresses the needs of more than 22,000 business professionals and 6,000 organizations. Every year the members of APCAC, hailing from 19 distinct American Chambers of Commerce regions, account for $160 billion worth of trade and $30 billion in investments. Under the leadership of the council’s chairman, APCAC meets twice a year to address issues of major concern to the countries’ business communities. It officiates an APCAC stance on those issues and develops and executes successful strategies for dealing with them.

The Young Presidents’ Organization Global Leadership Summit

Harvey Goldstein currently serves as president and director of PT Harvest International Indonesia. In addition, he leads Business-Link Consultancy PTE Ltd., an investment consulting firm in Singapore. Throughout his lengthy career in Indonesia, Harvey Goldstein has supported various professional organizations. One such group is the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).

Created in 1950 to help young business leaders grow through the exchange of ideas and education, the YPO currently has 21,000 members in 125 countries. Members must be under 45 years old and hold the title of CEO, president, chairman, managing director, or similar leadership status. To be considered for membership, the applicant’s company must meet minimum size and net-worth requirements.

Each year, the organization hosts a networking event called the YPO Global Leadership Summit, where more than 2,300 members and guests from 80 countries gather to discuss current issues that are influencing CEOs. The combination of world-class information and powerful networking opportunities makes the event, and the YPO, a valuable resource for business leaders.

Harvey Goldstein, Managing Director

A long-time proponent of development in the Asia-Pacific region, Harvey Goldstein is the founder and chairman of Harvest International Inc. As the principal of a significant foreign investment consultancy firm, Mr. Goldstein has maintained a consistent focus on facilitating private business development that provides sound economic growth and employment opportunities throughout the region. Active in the Asian business community for over four decades, Harvey Goldstein also serves in the capacity of managing director of Business-Link Consultancy PTE, LTD, in Singapore.

A respected executive, Harvey Goldstein holds numerous board memberships. These include serving as an executive member of the Board of the Indonesian Executive Circle, member of the Nomination Committee of the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship, and director of the Friends of Jakarta International School Foundation, Inc. Additionally, he is the vice chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-U.S. Pacific Basin Economic Council Committee and a Country Adviser with the ASEAN Center for Technology Exchange.