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Procter & Gamble’s GrowthWorks Invests in Singapore


Harvey Goldstein is an American businessman who has performed valuable consultation and initiatives in Indonesia.
With decades of experience in the Pan Asian market, and as President of PT Harvest International in Singapore, Indonesia-based Harvey Goldstein advises some of the largest corporations in the world on strategy in Asia. Procter & Gamble is one of the companies that he has provided advice and lead initiatives, in Indonesia..

GrowthWorks, one of Procter & Gamble’s venture-building units that oversee hundreds of investments in the US, allocated 12 million dollars for the development of three Singapore-based businesses in 2019. These businesses represent new technology platforms and business models for Procter & Gamble.

The news coincides with the fifth anniversary of P&G’s Singapore Innovation Centre. P&G’s efforts to partner with smaller firms in the region are proving to be highly beneficial for Singapore. Several Singaporean medical manufacturers are taking advantage of the access to markets offered by P&G to drive innovation in the sector. The investment is set to scale up P&G’s involvement in the Singaporean market even more.

Foreign Direct Investment – What is It, and How Can It Help?

Harvey Goldstein is a seasoned business professional whose work in Indonesia, as well as the rest of Asia, establishes him as a major figure. He currently runs a business consultancy firm in Singapore, where he offers expertise in countless areas, among them Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

FDI is increasingly vital to the global business landscape, offering firms new opportunities and channels for marketing, less expensive facilities for production, and much more. Classically defined as a company’s physically constructing a factory in a different country, FDI refers to a direct investment in infrastructure, equipment, and machinery, as opposed to a portfolio-based investment, which is indirect. Due to more relaxed regulation over enterprise investments, FDI is now more powerful than ever. It allows companies to avoid pressure from foreign governments in matters that otherwise, could put them at a disadvantage, and provides a way to circumvent barriers to trade. It also provides access to new markets. FDI may appeal to many businesses interested in expanding their global reach.

Harvey Goldstein’s extensive expertise has served Indonesia and many other regions for several decades.