Budget Aircraft Companies, Like Citlink, Highly Popular in Indonesia

A key representative and expert in promoting economic growth in ASEAN, and in Indonesia in particular, Senior Executive, Harvey Goldstein has served as a consultant to Fortune 100 companies interested in investing in the Asian marketplace. Harvey Goldstein has also consulted for companies seeking investments in other developing areas of the world.

One of the benefits of investing in foreign businesses is their potential for growth, as well as their current status as moneymakers. In either instance, Indonesia is a viable candidate. The area offers some of the most attractive opportunities for business investors globally. Statistics show that in 2011 and 2012 the country’s economy took a pronounced jump, and growth is expected to continue.

One area that has grown steadily in this respect is air travel. According to one recent article, budget carriers are an especially popular means of air travel in Asia. Rising wages in the country and the development of new business have opened a need for Indonesian-based budget air companies. One Indonesian carrier, Citlink, expects to grow by about 80 new aircraft per year as it continues to develop and grow.

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