Harvest International – Diverse Southeast Asian Consulting Endeavors

As head of Harvest International Inc. since 1987, Harvey Goldstein leads a consultancy committed to ensuring the success of multinationals with investment interests throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Harvey Goldstein and his team’s range of services span a diversity of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, mining, telecommunications, and agribusiness.

In the oil and gas sphere, Harvest International has played an integral role in acquiring government approvals for permits and licenses that enable companies such as EXXON Corporation to operate in Indonesia. The firm has also worked with a number of firms in the high technology sector, including Raytheon Company and AlliedSignal. Harvest International has successfully completed complex projects that include strategic marketing and implementation consulting on advanced satellite communications systems. The company additionally enabled a client to achieve a significant contract for its remote-sensing satellite ground system. Harvest International has engaged with a number of major consumer products corporations, including Pepsi-Cola International Limited, Borden, and Mars South Asia. The firm has undertaken in-depth market feasibility studies and secured necessary new-product importation approvals to enable retailers to enter diverse markets within the ASEAN region.

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