The Young Presidents’ Organization Global Leadership Summit

Harvey Goldstein currently serves as president and director of PT Harvest International Indonesia. In addition, he leads Business-Link Consultancy PTE Ltd., an investment consulting firm in Singapore. Throughout his lengthy career in Indonesia, Harvey Goldstein has supported various professional organizations. One such group is the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).

Created in 1950 to help young business leaders grow through the exchange of ideas and education, the YPO currently has 21,000 members in 125 countries. Members must be under 45 years old and hold the title of CEO, president, chairman, managing director, or similar leadership status. To be considered for membership, the applicant’s company must meet minimum size and net-worth requirements.

Each year, the organization hosts a networking event called the YPO Global Leadership Summit, where more than 2,300 members and guests from 80 countries gather to discuss current issues that are influencing CEOs. The combination of world-class information and powerful networking opportunities makes the event, and the YPO, a valuable resource for business leaders.

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